About Me

Hey there!

I’m Chris G. your “Non GURU” dating coach… ;)

Seriously joke aside, I’m just a regular guy who happens “to have it” with women..

I believe that any of you guys can strive to get the “perfect” girl for you if you’re willing to put in the effort.

And you can do this without trying to memorize pick up lines or some mind tricks on women.

Fact is what I do is different than a pick up artist mentality

I’m not saying that one is right or one is wrong.

I will let you decide that.

However if you love women and respect them like I do, and that you truly looking to find a soulmate, girlfriend or simply being in a relationship with a women you think could be out of reach before..

Then I’m your guy!



As for this blog..I started it  as a way to help other guys out there, but I ended up being a lazy bum who only updated the blog once a few months and only communicated with the guys inside the newsletter..

Bad Idea lol..

So I still plan to update this blog more often, but I definitely still share my best stuff in my email newsletter.

Other than that…

I have a pretty cool (hot looking) wife. I’m a Dad to 3 beautiful daughters, I work as a salesman and I’m gadget addict ;)

Chris Gilbert

wifey and I