Few Tips On How To Get Girls Attention

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Some men are born with it and others, well, they have to learn it or accept it. Don’t be one of the hopeless; there is always help out there. Take this article, for instance; it has been written to help those who want tips on how to get girls attention or for those who are just looking to harness their gift, in other words you are looking for some fresh moves. I know it would be a dream to have those girls falling for you or dying for you to approach them. I also know that all it takes is practice with these tips that are to follow.

In getting girls to notice you, first thing you must do is to act confident. If you find that you may be a little shy around girls then try practicing to boost your confidence even a little elsewhere before taking it to the big leagues so to speak. Even if you are not a hundred percent on the confidence level them you can at least pretend to be until you actually get there as even the positive results from your acting can actually help boost your confidence level. You must throw away the needy tendency as this warns the girls off and you do not want that so get rid of that habit, if you find that you are guilty. If you absolutely shy and afraid of messing up with a girl then do not try to get her attention or approach her until you have gained a positive outlook on the dating game and that is, you will win some and you will lose some. Until you accept this then you are not ready to get attention from girls; with this outlook you gain a fearless demeanor and this is what attracts girls, this will also have a positive effect on how you carry yourself.

In getting girls attention you may have to know how to make people laugh as girls really like guys with a great sense of humor. You may already be humorous so all you need is to share it with everyone else and so you just need to be your lighthearted self but remember making fun of people in a negative or mean-spirited manner is not attractive and although it will get you girls attention, it will not be the kind of attention you want.

When you are like everyone else you will not get the attention you want, you will not get any attention at all. You need to be different, do something that makes you stand out of the crowd. It can be anything from sticking up for others and yourself or displaying a talent that no one else has. You will be noticed if you strive to be one who is not like the rest. You may strive to be the one who helps others as this will surely get you the attention you want.

When you have locked into your target you want to make brief eye contact but do not and I repeat do not stare, especially with your mouth open. Just hold slight gaze for a second or two and while you are at smile with her; she will remember this and look out for her smile back. When you about to look away you may choose to add a slight wink as either a smile or a wink shows that you are confident and you think she is cute. Remember to remain calm and keep a friendly face, do not overthink it as this can be a mess; two seconds is not a long time but it is long enough to get her attention. When you have established this brief gaze then go about your business and when you see her again add a slight hand gesture, a slight wave, to simply say hi, I see you again.

If she doesn’t approach you then you can try the direct approach and you just go up to her after you have noticed that she notices you and formally introduce yourself. You can strike up a conversation about your past “encounters” stating that you don’t want to just glance anymore, that you wanted to come over to say hi. You can even try a little humor on her to break the ice and even if it’s not funny at least you tried. Remember you want to talk her out so keep the conversation short and save the “date me” question for later on.

When you apply these methods you will be sure to have a girl’s attention in no time. Just remember too, that it is all about trial and error. You will win some and you will lose some as every girl is different.

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