Having The Right Body Language To Attract Women? Don’t Focus On That…For Now!

There is a good chance that you’ve heard about the importance of having the right body language to help you attract women right?

Heck there are plenty of books about the subject that tells you what to do and what not to do when trying to get a women such as…

– Don’t put your hands in your pockets
– Maintain eye contact
– Nod your head

And a whole bunch more!

Didn’t I Tell You Not To Focus On Body Language?

These advice are not necessary bad, but they won’t work for everyone.
They will work for guys that are ALREADY good at dating women but not for the guy starting from the bottom..

And I’m all about helping guys struggling with getting ladies!

So why is that that those tips won’t work for everyone?

Let me explain..

Most of the tips you get about body language are what I call “offensive tips” … and they work perfectly for any guys already dating women, because those tips are about perfecting their game.

See the problem here?

If you’re starting out, you’re not there to perfect your game but you there to learn how to build confidence and learn how to get better with women. So if you were to look for body language tips for a guy starting out, you would want to look for what I call the … drumroll please! “defensive tips

Even with her crossed arms, her posture suggests that she’s interested..Please someone help him!

These tips aren’t designed to help you increase your odds at picking up girls, but rather to help you avoid SCREWING UP. Those defensive tips will help you reduce your chances of screwing up and because they are less technical than offensive tips, you won’t have to think as much as you should do. Which brings me to another point….

Whatever you do when trying to approach women has to be natural, you want everything you do not “to look” natural but “TO BE” natural, because the moment you don’t look natural or that something seems forced, you’ll lose point towards women EVEN IF you do have the “right” body language.

That’s why you don’t want to be there thinking about what body language you should adapt to depending of the situation.

Just remember…

Offensive body language tips are more technical, it’s about putting yourself in a position where you’ll increase your odds of picking up a girl.

To give you an example, you may be talking to a girl in a club about anything but the sound is so loud that she doesn’t really hear you and you always have to repeat…

You’ve just met the girl.. and you’re not too sure if she’s digging you, but the setting is comfortable enough for you to put one hand behind her lower back and lean back to her ear with your lips almost touching her skin when you’re talking.

Exactly Like That.. One Hand Behind Her Lower Back & The Face A Little Bit Closer!

This move is clearly an offensive body language technique, designed to help you get a lady… If you’re just starting you could be there thinking.. okay is it the right time, should I pull the move, etc… Making you think more than you should and most likely making you look unnatural.

On the other hand, defensive body language technique is more designed to help you avoid screwing up with the girls. They require much less thinking and the action is more natural for a guy starting out, and they are simple things such as..

– The way you talk
– The way you walk (if you walk like a wimp… don’t expect to pick a lot of girls),
– If you’re smiling or one to never smile…

Look at it this way.. I’ve never heard of a single girl being attracted to a guy because he never smiles or because he walks in a non confident manner. However I’ve heard about girls being turned off for all these very reasons

My advice to you?

So my advice to you.. don’t focus on your body language to attract women if you’re barely having success with ladies, but rather on defensive body language techniques in the beginning. You’ll gain more confidence and the rest will come naturally…

Need help with women?

Let me show you how to attract, happy and deeply connected relationships with women by focusing on yourself.


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