How To Get A Woman In Bed – What You Want To Know

woman in bedDo you find yourself using the same old pick-up lines that you did in high school and still without prevail? My guess is that you are here because you want to learn how to get a woman in bed minus the tacky, useless pick-up lines; you want to learn the traits and tips that will successfully land you the woman you want.

Read on to find out how to get a woman in bed but before you read the tips there are a few key things you need to know. If you remember no other key pointers, remember that every woman is different and so what works for one will not necessarily work for the other therefore you have to observe a woman’s behavior and modify an approach that best suits her demeanor. Although what works for one woman may not work for another, just know that when you have found the right button that gets her in the mood to absolutely ravish you. Remember it is all in the approach; it’s not all about looks and how big your bank account is but how you approach her and for Pete’s sake get rid of tired pick-up lines. It is important to note as well that if your approach reads sex only then you may not get past first base unless that is her interest. Remember the old adage that nice guys finish last; so you have to be a little tough in your approach at the same time but with practice you have it down.

Now, prior to your approach to a certain woman you must know what you want to say, so start with an inviting opening. You must have the right words at the tip of the tongue, so shower her with compliments for instance tell her how you noticed her beauty from across the room; but remember to keep the tacky level down to zero. This opening, if successful, will get you one step closer to getting her in bed and her with a smile on her face.

It is extremely attractive when a man takes charge, so take charge of planning a date from start to finish as it feels good to woman to know that you took the time to plan a date for both of you to enjoy and for your success you will be rewarded. Women find it super sexy when a man is even somewhat capable in the kitchen, so for a first, second or third date (the magic date) cook her an easy recipe with a romantic theme, chocolate for dessert, light candles and add music; even if it doesn’t taste all that well you will rewarded for your efforts. On your date, no matter where it is, remember to flirt but do not overdo it as you want to catch her vibe to see if she is doing the same. If done successfully you will leave her wondering just what it would be like to “be with” you.

After a successful date or two you may be receiving sweet kisses so make sure you are a good kisser and not the kind who sucks in her face as this will definitely be a deal breaker. Make sure to include just a little more hand action each time you kiss to test her boundaries and when you are alone together use your hands to give her a foot rub and then move on to the back while giving little kisses her and there and perhaps down there, if you are the kind.

By this time you are bound to have her wanting more and as such it will pay off but just know that although you have hit the jackpot with woman, there will be others that may require a little more patience and so you can’t be pushy as this will be a turn-off for most women.

If you follow these tips you are sure to get a woman in bed and while you follow these tips you can look out for those tell-tale signs that a woman wants to go to bed with you. When a woman takes every opportunity to touch you or stay with you even if she is out with her friends then yes, she is into you. When she invites you in after a night out or if she comes over after a night out then yes, she is into you. If she talks about sex or give sexual compliments then yes she is into you. Look at how she watches your lips especially in a quiet environment or how she reacts if she says no with a smiley face. When you apply all that you have read and practiced then you can’t go wrong.

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