How To Pick Up Women In Bars

So you want to know the secret behind picking up women in bars that you want right?

Well I’ll tell you right now, there’s no secret…Yup there’s no magic trick whatsoever.  Picking up girls in bars or anywhere else is all about skills and being “smart”.

The good news in all this, is that skills can be worked on and improved so you can become quite good at picking up girls.

Does that mean you will you be able to pick up ANY girls you want once you’ve sharpened your skills?    Nope.. I don’t care who you are, no one can…Even Brad Pitt!

Huh? Even Brad Pitt can’t get all the girls??

Are you saying looks doesn’t matter?

Yes and No…

Let me explain.

Every guys have different attraction to certain types of women…And so does women towards men. Now regardless of what you could do, truth is the girl probably won’t be interested in you, if you don’t fit her criteria.

To give you an example so I can better illustrate my point, let’s pretend there’s this girl that swears that she would never go out with someone famous no matter what…

Would you think a guy like Brad Pitt would have a chance to pick the girl up? (why am I picking up on poor Brad)

Probably not…

But it doesn’t mean neither that he couldn’t get with her… but that’s more advanced stuff and out of the scope of this article.

So in that perspective, no matter how good you look, looks wouldn’t matter…. But what if you do belong in the types of guys this girl is interested, but she’s just not physically attracted to you…?

Could you pick her up? Definitely

Contrary to what people think, the physical appearance is the easiest thing to overcome in getting girls..Your skills will dictate if you’ll pick the girl up or not.

Now if you’ve got zero skills or close to none in picking up girls in bars, I suggest you start at the bottom..

Remember it’s most likely that your skills are the problems, and you can’t expect to pick up a 8 or 9 SHB (super hot babes) all the time.

So how do you go about picking up girls by starting at the bottom?

First… drop all those cheesy “tricks” you heard about picking up women such as buying her drinks, etc.

Second… Forget about picking up 7, 8, 9 SHB

Third….Focus on 4 to 6 SHB

Fourth… This is the most important in my opinion, especially if you’re starting out… Practice “in” your playing field, meaning that don’t go and try picking up girls in bar clubs where hockey player hangs out, when you’re a sport fan. Don’t go in a lounge club where everybody is a President, CEO and you’re an employee. Don’t go to a Hip-Hop club when you’re hardcore country music head.

Get my point?

I exaggerated a bit, so you have a better picture of what I’m trying to say… but if you pay close attention to the bar/club you’re attending, you should be able to notice a common interest that links everyone whether it’s the music, social status, physical appearance, etc. and check if you fit in.

Of course this article is just a starter and you can do much more than that, but learn to walk before you start running and once you become good at it.

You’ll be able to pick up 8, 9 or 10 SHB ….9 times out of 10! Just like I do…(or could since I’m happily married now)

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