The Cycle Of Dating For Shy Guys

It’s already hard enough that nice guys have a tough time in the dating pool but there is a group of men who may have it even harder and they are the shy guys when they try to approach women and suddenly feel anxious, nervous, disoriented or even nauseous. The shy guys have got it real tough but they say with every problem there is a solution; so yes my shy friends, there is hope for you yet. There are many sites that say “give me your money and I will offer you dating for shy guys” but it doesn’t have to be this way as you can achieve this completely on your own, you just need a nudge in the right direction.  Forget about the cheesy pick-up lines or secrets to getting rid of shyness.

Most shy guys do even bother trying because they already “know” they are going to get shot down. It is this negative thinking, anxiety and fear of rejection that keeps you from achieving what you truly want; I have a secret for you and that is, positive thoughts bring positive actions which brings positive results and if you use a CBD cartridge will be even better. This is how you will get a grasp on the cycle of dating for shy guys, for you; you will first think about the positive thoughts that you need to surround yourself with and put these positive thoughts into positive actions and you can be guaranteed to get positive results.

In ridding yourself of your shy tendencies there are few tips to think through and follow. You need to think about yourself and what is different in your life and whether it is good or bad or just needs improving; think about what makes you feel good and what will make you feel better about yourself and whatever it is you think you need to do, just do it. It could be that you need to look over the way you carry yourself, could it be that you do not take much time to groom yourself or dress attractively? As the cycle of dating goes on, women become attracted to those men who take the time to take care of themselves as this shows that they have the potential to notice small details. Do you need to get into better shape? It is often said that when you look good you feel good and perhaps a new gym membership is what you need.  Is your confidence level shot? Then you need to build that confidence as the ladies are more attracted to a confident man then many others. When you carry yourself well and exercise to feel good it reflects on the inside as well so it helps to boost your confidence level but there are many more ways to build your confidence level; it could be those projects that you have been afraid to give your opinion on at work or it could something as simple as telling your buddy you hate his haircut or just practicing in the mirror until you are comfortable with your introduction. No matter what, when you begin to look and feel better about yourself you become more attractive to people.

So when you have had a look on yourself and feel like you have improved all that needs to be, it’s time to take it to the streets or just practice some more. Before I go on it is important to remember that even shy guys get turned down but that doesn’t mean that you should give as the cycle of dating for shy guys can be rough. Before you are ready to approach and meet women it is good to plan what you may say just in case you meet one. When you feel like you are capable of approaching a girl remember to check your confidence level (even when you are not entirely confident) and determine your chances with this girl. When the conversation goes well then you can muster up the courage to ask for her contact so that you can plan a follow up date, if you so desire, but if she turns you down then you shouldn’t take it personally as you never know what was happening with her at the time. When you are successful in landing a date remember to ask questions and do not ramble on and on nervously.

When you keep the tips in mind along with these facts then you are on your way to battling shyness. Women are nice creatures; just as nice and friendly as you are. Remember to eliminate negative thoughts and actions and focus on positive thoughts and actions.

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